Guest Blogging – The right way to introduce yourself to new viewers by Elanora Brown - Illustrated by Elanora Brown -
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Guest Blogging – The right way to introduce yourself to new viewers


Artwork: Elanora Brown

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It is important for each and every online business person to grow traffic. It might be an email list or a blog with active readers. Yet, creating this list truly does take time. Instead of waiting for that audience to grow to a crucial mass, you should present yourself to the audience of others. A great way to do this is through guest blogging.


Guest writing a blog means you write an article about a specific topic or issue and post it on another person’s site. They benefit with quality content without having to write it and the guest blogger benefits by having a new audience read their content and potentially click on a link for their site, product or service.



Thus how do you post guest blog? There are about half of a dozen important steps to help you successful hook up with new audiences through guest blogging:



Get your ideal audience


The first step knows who you most want approach. If you are talking SEO and guest posting services like many agencies, you would want to get a blog that implies your niche. If you’re offering professional investment services you would want to write down for an audience looking to get not in debts. If you’re teaching people to use digital media like I am, you want approach marketing audience.


Write for the audience and publisher


Whenever you find the site and audience you are looking for, the next step is to write a quick article just for them. Know what the audience is anticipating on the site and know how the writer typically writes. The guest blog owner can bring a fresh perspective on a theme they normally speak about or extend the site’s experience in a brand new direction by adding your unique point of view.


Make it easy to get approved

After writing your article, it is essential to copy and promote the html code. If perhaps the blogger has the html code, it will take them 4-5 secs to paste your article, along considering the links, format and graphics, to their site. Without the web coding, many bloggers will say no because they don’t want to go through and make your article look pretty.


Link to your site with a persuasive overview


The most important and valuable portion of the guest post is your brief summary. Usually posts will have a short summary in the beginning or end in italics. In two to three sentences you need to be capable of say what you do, who should work with you and how they start.


Contact the site’s author

After all of that work you still don’t know if you’ll certainly be accepted. To have your post shared, you need to make contact with editor and ask them if they are interested. Most sites will offer an email address for contact information. If you fail to find contact information, search on LinkedIn or Twitter. Social media gives you the chance to make a more informal ask to see if they can be eager to share your content

 Follow up with the author

The final step is the one that is often forgotten: follow up with the writer. Maybe it is simply a tweet or Facebook message saying say thanks to you. This will help them remember you and set you up for the next time you have an article to post.

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