The Different Types of Law You Can Consider Studying by shira winget - Illustrated by Shira Winget -
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The Different Types of Law You Can Consider Studying


Artwork: Shira Winget

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Law is one of the oldest scholarly fields in the world. As early as 30th century BC, ancient Egyptians have set the codes on social equality, and as the time passes by many laws have been created such as separation of power, vetoes, etc. We need to have a set of law, rules, and regulations for a peaceful society and to protect our rights and safety as well. Yes, there are a few rules that we do not agree of, however, to live in a civil society, we must obey them all the time. If you are in senior high school and you are still undecided which course to take up in college, you may consider taking up law. There are different law types and if you want to know about them, continue reading below.

Aviation Law

Aviation is a type of law that deals with all legal issues regarding aircraft processes, airport operations, the control safety of the aircraft, and the likes. You need to know these things to be a successful aviation lawyer. It is better if you are a licensed pilot or you have extensive experience flying big aircraft because it will be less difficult for you to resolve the aircraft company’s legal issues.

Property Law

A property lawyer is responsible for dealing with all things legal when it comes to commercial, personal and real estate property. He or she will cover the transfer of personal and real estate property, property finance, settlement claims, social housing, and the list goes on. You can be the best property lawyer, and be part of Lawyers sydney. They are one of the most outstanding law firms in Australia.

Family Law

A family is another type of law that concentrates on matters in terms to the family relationships such as adopting a child, annulment, child custody, child support, civil partnership, divorce, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreement to name a few.

Environmental Law

Environmental is a type of law that is relating to matters that concern the environment and natural resources. For instance, issues about air pollution, global warming, waste management, water pollution, etc. Moreover, it covers tax law that is related to fuel-efficient transportation, etc.

Healthcare Law

Healthcare law governs the healthcare industry. It regulates the connection between the healthcare provider such as the medical doctor or nurse and the patient. Do your best to fight injustice or scam if you will be working as a healthcare lawyer. Scam-related incidents may include scam in drugs and medical practice.

Media Law

With regards to media like advertising, broadcasting, culture, production and the likes, you can work as a media attorney. You will handle issues connected with audio, book, database and other things. You will be spending a lot of time coaching your clients on how to adhere to the law. It is an interesting job to do as you can work with a celebrity or large media production firm.


Law is a vast field, indeed. Besides this list, you can try arbitration, energy law, intellectual law, property law, sports law, and tax law among others.

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