MY LIFE IN BOARDING by Brianna Dortie - Illustrated by bitmoji -
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Sunday 1st September

hi diary,

i should probably introduce my self, my name is Brooklyn Brown. i am from Kenya and i have two sisters and two brothers. my mom is a vet ( a doctor for animals) and my dad is a movie director.

In a few days i’m going to be a boarder at Hampton Academy and im super nervous but at the same time excited.



what i’m i gonna do!

what will i wear? how will i act? what will i pack?



MY LIFE IN BOARDING by Brianna Dortie - Illustrated by bitmoji -

Monday 2nd September

Today is the day, i’m going to boarding. OMG! i’m totally freaking out. butterflies are in my tummy that i feel like throwing up.


” Brooklyn dont worry your gonna be fine and i promise to visit you every weekend,ok.” mum said.


my mum always knows how to calm me down and i feel a lot more calm now.


well i gotta go, write very soon.




Ok so my mum left like 2 hours ago and i kind of dont really miss her ( not to sound like i dont love her) like i dont feel homesick thats basically what im saying.


Anyways, i met two girls named Tiffany and  Maya. Tiffany is from South Africa and Kenya ( just like me) she has long curly brown and gold mix together and she wears glasses ( just like me). Maya is from North America and she is also from Spain. She has long blonde hair and her eyes are pure blue and they can color change in between seasons. soo cool, right?


They are also my roommates how awesome. this year is gonna be the best year ever!

MY LIFE IN BOARDING by Brianna Dortie - Illustrated by bitmoji -

Tuesday 3rd September


Hampton Academy’s swimming pool is amazing! i felt like telling Tiffany to push me into the pool so i could swim. Tiffany is in my class but unfortunately Maya isn’t in my class. There is this girl name Dana. She is soo nice but she is not a boarder like me. how sad. Her other friends are Michelle, Simone and Nicole.

I’ve made a lot of friends already looks like I’m going to enjoy my stay at Hampton Academy.


I just found out that the same class mates i have in year 7 ill have them till year 11. Hoooray!!


i’m soo excited!!



My dorm supervisor is Miss Mary and she is soo nice and accommodating. i really like her a lot. there is another girl who just came now, her name is Bernice and she is from Cameroon. She hasn’t really said anything maybe its the fact that she is shy or something like that.


” Hi Bernice, my name is Brooklyn Brown and its very nice meeting you.” i said in a friendly way.


” hi Brooklyn, are you african?” she asked. i found that question strange since i’m clearly black. but i replied in a very respectful way and not rudely.


” I’m indeed from Africa,I’m  from Kenya, Nairobi.” i replied.


then there was awkward silence for 5 minutes.

MY LIFE IN BOARDING by Brianna Dortie - Illustrated by bitmoji -

Wednesday 4th September

so sad, i am soo sad right now. i cant beleive that there is this girl in my class named Mackenzie who thinks she’s a queen. the sad thing is that she is gonna be in my class for 5 years. OMG! i feel like freaking out right now. UGH!!


she told me to get off ‘her seat’ like who does that! only a person like her can do that. Anywho, right now i’m decorating my locker and just writing in my diary.


i should just ignore Mackenzie, the queen (cough,cough).


this is how she looks:

MY LIFE IN BOARDING by Brianna Dortie - Illustrated by bitmoji -

that girl is just super annoying!!!!

And she was a total drama queen during P.E


first she was captain then she picked me to be in her dodge ball team ( weird right) then she started throwing balls at me then i got a bump on my head then she said it was an accident then started crying.


she soo weird, then Coach Garcia punished her, she had to clean the boys bathroom.




it was soo funny, i kinda felt bad for her, not.



Did i mention that Bernice is super annoying!

she acts somehow like Mackenzie but a little bit worse. she poured my soap container on the floor then it broke and all she could say was ‘oops!’ which i found very rude.


The thing is that she didn’t apologize. Then she is always crying to get her way and is always rude to Miss Mary which makes Miss Mary very irritated and sick of her.


The worse thing is that she’s in our room. UGH!!! and she is always crying soo loudly at night. i hardly get any sleep.


Tiffany said that she is a spoilt brat and she doesn’t have good manners. Maya says she lacks home training. i’m glad i’m not the only one who finds her annoying.


Thursday 5th September


i’m starting to hate school because Mackenzie is always here. Dana says that she thinks too high of herself, and i agree with her

5 minutes later…


so Mackenzie got me so furious i got in trouble in the principals office!

And now their calling my parents to have a word with me.


it went like this:

i was by myself with Tiffany talking about famous singers and actors and actresses when Mackenzie came.


”You have poor choice in famous people and it also matches your poor choices in fashion.” she told me.


” Excuse me but who brought you to this conversation, nobody so please go away cause it is clear we don’t value your presence.” i retorted.


” how dare you talk to me like that, do you know who i am?” she said.


” your a big fat loser, that’s who you are and please stop trying to prove your better than everyone because your not.” i retorted, again.


Then she had no comeback and decided to keep quiet but later on i figured out why she was quiet. Miss grace, our English teacher was behind me.


Then for some reason i got sent to the principals office for being rude to Mackenzie.


” Mrs. Brown it is highly against rules to disrespect or be rude to a student.” principal Wilson said.

” i’m sorry sir for my behavior but sometimes i just can’t control my anger. Mackenzie insulted me too, so why is it only me getting in trouble?” I replied.

” next time report her to the nearest adult to save yourself from getting into trouble.” Principal Wilson advised.

Then he released me and told me to go for my third period class,



i’m sick and tired of Bernice! She broke my favorite perfume  from Paris that my parents spent a lot of money on.

” Bernice!! 😡🤬How dare you break my expensive perfume from Paris.” I shouted.

” I’m sorry Brooklyn, i didn’t mean to break your perfume i just got distracted and accidentally broke your perfume. But don’t worry i’ll replace your perfume, i promise.” Bernice cried.

” Nothing or No one can replace this perfume. Please Bernice stay away from me and my things or i might say things that you might not want to hear so take your disgusting face out of here cause it’s just disgusting me  right now.” i said out of rage.

Bernice held my hand and said ” I’m truly sorry for breaking your perfume please can you find it in your heart to forgive me.” Bernice cried.


” Don’t touch me! Sorry won’t fix anything! please just leave me alone and don’t ever talk to me again.” I said.


For the rest of the day i didn’t talk to anyone, especially Bernice. But then i realized that i can’t hold a grudge over Bernice because it isn’t holy so i decided to forgive her. As it says in the bible, forgive and forget.


Tiffany came to me and asked ” Are you still angry with poor Bernice?”

i shook my head.

” I’m not angry at her anymore, there’s no point in getting angry at her. I’m sure it was a mistake and she is very sorry about it. And it is not holy of me to stay angry at her so i’ve decided that i’ll forgive her.” I said.

” That’s very good of you and i’m sure God is very proud of you for forgiving her.” Tiffany said.



Friday 6th September.


TGIF ( Thank God it’s Friday!)

I’m not going to pay attention to that girl, Mackenzie. I’m just gonna stay away from her and enjoy life to the fullest.

There’s a new girl and her name is Treasure. She is from Nigeria, she has short brown hair, she is very fair in complexion and she has obvious brown eyes.

” Hi Treasure, my name is Brooklyn.” i said in a friendly way.

Then she stared at me as if there was something disgusting on my face.

Then she said ” um.. Hi there um.. what’s up.”

That felt so awkward, i don’t know why.

” This is my friend, Tiffany. ” i said.

” Um.. Nice to meet you Tiffany, where are you from? I’m from Nigeria.” Treasure replied.

” I’m from South Africa and Kenya. Kenya, Nairobi and South Africa, Cape Town.” Tiffany replied.



I just found out that Treasure is a boarder. HOORAY!!

It means i have another chance to be good friends with her. All day she has been talking to Tiffany and she has been making me feel like a third-wheel.

Tiffany and Treasure burst through our room door chatting.

” hey Treasure, how was your first day at school i hope you enjoyed it. Anyways, welcome to boarding, make yourself feel like home.” I said.

” Thanks for the warm welcome um.. i’m going to shower now i feel so tired and a shower will really refresh me.” Treasure replied.

Then she went into the bathroom and the next thing i knew i heard the water rushing down through the tap.

” Tiffany how’s Treasure like? i’m sure she is very nice, right?” I asked.

” Yeah she is very nice and interesting and she told me all about her country.” Tiffany replied.



Its Saturday and today i get to use my phone! HOORAY!!

I can finally find out all the things happening on Instagram and all the juicy drama of my old school group chat on Whatsapp.

Also, Dana added me to the Year 7 group chat and i heard it has all the latest gist there.

And i feel like Treasure has been gossiping about me with Bernice because every time their talking they’re always looking at my direction.

” Tiffany has Treasure been gossiping about me with you?” I asked.

” Of course not, why would she be gossiping about you and what makes you think that?” she replied in a way that sounded as if she was lying.

” Tiffany tell me the truth, was she gossiping about me or not if you don’t tell me i’ll never talk to you again.” i said.


I don’t have her time i’m going to bed.



Today i feel soo sick. I have a cold, i keep on sneezing and i have a high temperature. My head hurts really bad and i feel like throwing up.

MY LIFE IN BOARDING by Brianna Dortie - Illustrated by bitmoji -
This free e-book was created with

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