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Eric Clapton through the years

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Eric Clapton was born on March 30 1945 to Patricia Molly Clapton when (16) and Edward Walter Fryer (24), a Canadian soldier stationed in England, in Surrey, England.

Because of his mother’s age, Eric was raised by his grandparents and was made to believe his mother was his sister.

His sister left to Canada and Germany and married another man. She came back to England where Eric met her with her 6 years old child and he learned the truth about his mother.

This event was a defining moment in his life that led to him failing school and later on enrolling to an art school, and later art college.



Eric used to listen to popular Blues artists as B.B King, Buddy Guy, Freddie King and others who greatly influenced his style.

In October 1963 he joined “The Yardbirds” when he was 18, thanks to his skill.

He left “The Yardbirds” in 1965 after they began making less Blues oriented music and more popular music.

In April 1965 he joined John Mayall’s and the Bluesbreakers where Clapton began to get recognition and a fanbase.

You would often see writing such as “Clapton is god” on the streets in these days.



All your love – Bluesbreakers




In 1966 Eric left the Bluesbreakers and went on to form “Cream” with Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce. Cream lasted only 2 years, falling apart because of ego of each member, but is known as one of the most influential bands in the sixtees.

Here are 3 works I particularly like from Cream:

Born Under a Bad Sign – Wheels of Fire by Cream


White Room – Wheels of Fire by Cream


Doing That Scrapyard Thing – Goodbye by Cream

This is an example of Cream making not only “Pure Rock” and making other genres aswell.


In 1970 Eric recorded his first solo album called “Eric Clapton”

These are 2 songs I like from this album

After Midnight – Eric Clapton


Let it Rain – Eric Clapton

There is another song with the exact melody, but with much worse lyrics called “She Rides”, worth mentioning


In 1970 Clapton formed “Derek and The Dominos” which wasn’t the original band name. It was “Del and the Dynamos” and was changed thanks to a mishearing of the name.

The band failed miserably and disbanded after their first album.

But they did make on of the more known pieces of music, Layla:


Eric later made a remake to this song in his “Unplugged” album that came in 1992. Which version is better? Depands on the mood


After the disbandment of “Derek and the Dominos” Eric fel into great depression and started doing cocaine and other drugs.

In 1974 after coping with his addiction he released a new album called “461 Ocean Boulevard” where he did this song that kicked Bob Marley’s career a few notches:


Here is the original version of Bob:

I like his version better actually

Until this performance, Marley wasn’t very successful, it was an opportunity for people who liked rock to hear reggae. There are some other songs they did together.


Another great work from this album is :Let it Grow”



In 1977 Clapton had one of his better albums – Eric Clapton Slowhand.

Slowhand was a knickname to Clapton that was given to him in his time in “The Yardbirds”.

When one of the strings in his guitar broke, he would change it on stage and in the meantime the crowd would clap slowly.

Here are some works from this album.


In this song Eric describes his experience with the drug through his years.


Wonderful Tonight

Wonderfu song.


Lay Down Sally


1978 – “Backless”

This is a song from it



1983 – “Money and Cigaretts”

2 nice songs from this album:

Ain’t Going Down


I’ve Got A Rock N’roll Heart



1985 – “Behind the Sun”

Forever Man


1986 – “August”

It’s In The Way That You Use It

It isn’t much…


Behind The Mask


1989 – “Journeyman”

Bad Love


Before You Accuse Me

Moat of Clapton’s songs after the era of Cream were moatly rock n’ roll. This song is mich like the songs he used to make then.


No Alibis


1992 – “Unplugged”

Tears in Heaven

After his son died at the age of 4 falling from the apartment building, Clapton wrote this song about him.

One of the best pieces of music in the past 30 years.


Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out

A song about the tragedy of life where everyone wants to be friends with you when you are succesful, but when you are at your lowest nobody helps you.


Running on faith

This is a remasterd version of a song from “Journeyman”


In the year 2000 Clapton made an album called “Riding with the King” with his idol B.B King. This album was Blues heavy and returned to his roots.

Riding With The King


Key To The Highway


In 2010 he came out with the album “Clapton” In which he made a cover to Eva Cassidy’s song.

Eva took the popular instrumental jazz melody “Autumn Leaves” and put lyrics on top of it.


Clapton was friends with a lot of creators you might know such as Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Mark Knopfler and more…

He did a lot of works with them and covers to them.

Here I’ll give some examples.

All of Me

A cover he did with Paul McCartney to Ella Fitzgerald’s song


Love Comes To Everyone

Cover to George Harrison’s original.



Someday with Mark Knopfler


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