ANIMALS by racheli - Illustrated by Racheli Tsaidi -
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Artwork: Racheli Tsaidi

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7th Grade

In this unit, the students will learn new vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening activity and writing skills.

This unit should be fun and memorable to the students. These creative activities will hopefully give our students a positive expeirence in learning English.



The first step of this unit is vocabulary. The students will have these key words on the wall and will try to translate them. After going over the words together the students will practice the vocabulary by playing two games in turns. These two activities are fun and not complicated. Once the students succeed in both games you may move on to the next part of the unit.












password: 8520








Big Insect Problem


After reading the article, read the comic (in the next page) with a partner and answer the following questions:

What is the importance of insects?

What is the big problem the title is refering to?

ANIMALS by racheli - Illustrated by Racheli Tsaidi -

“Listening Practice”


Task given before watching the video and taking the quiz:


Find 7 events in Houston’s daily schedule.



“A Writing Assignment”

Watch the following animation.

How many animals are in the animation?

Which animal do you like most?

What do you think the girl is doing?

What do you think the boy is doing?

How are they related to the animals in the picture?

Share with a partner your thoughts and together write down a story.


“Blog Assignment”

Read the following dilemma:

Daniel loves animals very much. As a child, he used to collect and care for animals in his home. In the last few years Daniel has been volunteering at the Animal shelter. Recently, due to multiple cases of animal abandonment, all of the association’s volunteers have took upon themselves to be “foster families” for the animals. It was agreed that in case there is no place in the association and animals are abandoned, every volunteer in the association will take the animal to his home until he finds an adopting family. Daniel returned home very excited and told his mother about the decision. His mother informed him that “That’s it, there is no more room in the house. We were patient every time you brought an animal for two days, but more is not possible, the house is small, we don’t have a yard. Daniel, it’s insane.”

Daniel doesn’t know what to do. After all, he has made a commitment with all the volunteers and maybe now he will have to leave..

What advice can you give Daniel? What would you do if you were him? Write one paragraph and upload it to the blog by next week’s lesson.


I hope you found this unit helpful!

Thank you for reading.

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