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Combat loneliness at the time of COVID-19

Kathy Jones. I’m a relationship counselor, giving practical solutions to matters of the heart like the use of realistic sex Read More
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At the time of COVID-19, when you are forced to self-isolate, the latest way to “sexvolve” can help you overcome your solitude, de-stress physically and connect with your wild side in the safety and comfort of your home. Though the hyper wired technology will help you stay connected with your online friends but you needs odes of positivity like a cheap sex doll to beat your stress at the time of covid-19.


Here is some practical ways of fighting anxiety, because your mental strength and resilience is the source of all power.


Positive thinking

Firstly, stop getting entangled into the global virus news, these are negative stimulus which is overtly destructive for people suffering from hypertension, leading to helplessness and depression. Being is touch is important with the latest updates, so cut it down to once a day affair. Stop conversing too on these topics with your pals over phone and chat instead, take the opportunity of sharing your dreams and ambitions in life and listening to their stories too. This is a time for building relationship, so take the help of the video technology and get in touch with your school friends, co-workers and family members. Every opportunity is a learning one, so social distancing is only physical distancing and not socializing with your community.


Practice Mindfulness

Truly, when your mind is empty of all emotions and thoughts be it positive or negative, we enter a stage of spiritualism unfazed of any religious belief to be absorbed in the static zone of the present. Do you want to replenish the power of mindfulness, this is the best time when you are in self-quarantine and there is hardly any distractions?

There are numerous online yoga and meditation classes that work in training the mind. When you become skilled in managing your thoughts, you can identify your stress triggers and learn to combat it effectively. Thoughts give rise to emotions which results in positive or negative actions and the Almighty has indeed blessed each one with inner power to manage then wisely despite any circumstances.


Upgrade your skills

The market will see many upheavals once the lockdown is over and it is time to upgrade your skills. You may have a retirement plan like opening a café, a nursery school for kids or growing an organic farm, it is time to learn some online marketing skills, because you will need them. You are already using the latest social sites, research how to use them for business purpose. Research on your industry, join related forums, learn how to make flyers, writing sales letters and if you are tech savvy, take an online course in building landing pages to capture data of your visitors. You know online branding is the only way for “word of the mouth” marketing.



Everyone has wild dreams and there is nothing wrong in living them unless you are not physically or mentally harming yourself or your partner.  Sexvolve with a cheap sex doll in the time of self-isolation will help you destress, grow your sexual stamina and tone your pelvic muscles to stay longer than you ever had been before! It is difficult to practice your moves alone, but the TPE sex doll is highly flexible and can be put into any position for your wildest journey which you dare not try with real women. The latest AI technology like heat, touch and sound technology can convert your latest sex robot into your personal assistant.


When you fill your day with activities from household chores to picking new dark games, the quarantine will be over in no time!

This free e-book was created with

Create your own amazing e-book!
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