Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -
Jeffrey F. Barken is the author of All the Lonely Boys in New York. Based on the unsolved terrorist attack that damaged the U.S. Army recruitment center in Times Square, March 6th, 2008, this gritty political thriller suggests a conspiracy among former Marines and portrays the beginning of the global financial crisis…
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Candlelight Apathy

by Jeffrey Barken

Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken - is an annual online literary magazine and small press. The platform connects writers with artists around the world, prompting collaborative multimedia creations.

Candlelight Apathy

Summer 2018 Judgement themed issue of


“I remember my horror when I first discovered that every declarative thought is in fact a judgement. Words are daggers, or they are boxes, and I suppose we all envy the child who simply won’t color within the lines. Why are we so desperate to sort our reality and establish hierarchies of value? Why can’t the world be governed by accident? Why can’t innocence reign eternal?” -Jeffrey F. Barken


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Fiction by Mark Holden


“Jonah’s hand itched inches away from the drive-switch. Edged on the captain’s seat, his spaced-out eyes stared straight-out into the depths beyond.”







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Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -


Collaborative Poetry by John Guzlowski & Martin Stepek 



Wakes up in the morning

Has a Starbucks

Goes to war

Later after dinner

It goes to war again

It will ask you

To join it

You will”

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Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -

Painting Poetry

Time lapse video illuminates poetry by Diana Muller

Things You Find Under The Stone.

“For those buried by Irish institutions. 

Did you feel deep inside
that you deserved no candle
no hope of light eternal
as they had taught you?”



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Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -

Anonymous I


“I remember how you tried
to protect me from him
when we moved to Edelfingen
how you would push me
under the bed
when he stomped up the stairs
in his oiled mood and black boots —”
Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -

Laudable Motives

Story by Mark Salzwedel


“Seeforyuex comes to a rest between the two rose-colored tiles on the kitchen floor where it knows it can access the tray, cup, water, and medications without needing to inefficiently reposition itself. It has learned that these particular coordinates save an average of 8.5 seconds and 1.8 joules of energy over centering itself at each of three locations.”



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Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -

Big Screen Streaming

“La Vita Rosa”

Film reviewed by Roger Market


“One moment, Dianna is the sweet newcomer to the trio, playing somewhere in the space between shy and self-assured, and the next, she’s releasing all her inhibitions, belting out a song in her native Italian from the roof of an empty building.”




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Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -

The Rabbit Debacle

(or Resurrection, All in Your Take on Life)

Essay by Andrea “Red” Barnes


“Boats, ferries, the life aquatic was for me after all. If I stayed in New York with the fear I would never have discovered this. Break on through. It was all stellar and all groovy but nothing could prepare my mind or heart or psyche for Ischia and rabbit culture.”


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Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -

Anonymous II


“he loved a butterfly —
kept her in his pocket
she folded up her wings
(that is what he wanted)”
Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -

Ithaca is Drag

Reporting by Sarah Chaneles

“The conventional concept of “a man in a dress” barely begins to cover the concept of drag; to truly explore this vibrant world, you have to include hyper drag, bio kings and queens, genderfuck performers, and those in between and around. In drag, labels are questioned, bent, and broken.”





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Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -

Peaks of Inspiration

Essay by Lee Matthew Goldberg


“I was twelve when Twin Peaks debuted on network television, a show that in no way would ever be on network television now (hence the reboot on Showtime). And even though I was instantly transfixed, I had no idea how much I’d be influenced by the series and its creator David Lynch, and how much of my writing throughout the years would attempt to do what an unconventional masterpiece like Twin Peaks does best.”



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Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -


Poem by Brandon D. Hildreth







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Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -

Not That Kind Of Girl

Story by N.I. Mahmoud


“He didn’t recognize me. They never did. I didn’t look like girls with names like Claire, Linda or Jane, girls with sleek ponytails and bubblegum lipstick—dark skin, frizzy hair and off-brand corduroys, I was never going to be that girl.”






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Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -

Anonymous III


“Why must you
yank me about
by my waist —
disrupt my
center of gravity
when I am already
spread so thin —”
Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -

Selections from Some Boys Are Better Dead 

Poetry by GM Palmer


“A verse novel about five teenagers in the 90s, told in five poetic styles by five narrators.  The eye of this hurricane of 90s nostalgia spins on two questions: “who tells themselves the truth?” and “can you get away with murder?”  



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Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -


Honest Conversation With C. Travis Web, @ The American Age Yields a Testament to the Resilience of Reason


“There are principles, virtues. Grace is real. We can find our way back…”      







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Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -

Santa Barbara

Poetry by Dallas Athent


“montecito hair
is long and ends in a clean line. it asks for no forgiveness
on the tan girl, tres mince, who never wants to know u.

a palm in the sun.”






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Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -

Hammer of Truth

Essay & Poetry by Devlin Wolfwood


“As are the turtle wise ways of evolution: the next generation is more articulate than the last…” 








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Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -

In The Field

Poetry By Angela Kimber


“And what would you know of these hands?
Knuckles burrowed into soil
Shoving seeds to root
The blackened earth beneath my nails
Soot of this life, less charmed”





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Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -

Do Right By Your Fellow Man

Poem by Anton Yakovlev


“Please allow me to lay down the law for you
to keep you from invading my privacy,
so that you know my boundaries, are clear about them
and never try to pull anything.”






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Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -

Anonymous IV


“that year you slept
straight through
the center of summer
I stole your demi pointes
to dance on the roof —
ten piques from here
two pirouettes
on the edge of somewhere
in the threadbare silence”
Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -

Epileptic Connect Group

Essay by Katelyn Brunner


“Supposedly AA starts the same way.

‘Hi, I’m Katie. Or Katelyn, but I’d like Katie more for here. Everyone at work calls me Katelyn.’

There’s an intro, then you move on to the secret shame:

‘I’ve had epilepsy since I was sixteen. Well, I was diagnosed when I was sixteen.'”




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Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -


Fiction by Kimberly B. Richardson


“Miriam noticed several colorful posters hanging in the coffee shop and thought of when she and Peter tried to put up a poster of Picasso’s The Blue Guitarist in their bedroom. The print kept falling down. She blinked and the memory dissolved into her latte.”





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Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -

Thanks for Riding with Jesus

Story by Gary Zeiss


“I rode with Jesus the other day. Ten glorious, spirit-filled miles. They were fun-filled, too. Yes, I was touched by the son of God himself, and sitting in the back seat of his 2014 Blue Passat (7EAD313), I felt as if I were being whisked away from all my cares.”





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Candlelight Apathy by Jeffrey Barken -

Editor’s Statement:

Traditional books have only one entry point. Websites, on the other hand, present countless portals. From links scattered across the web, readers are transported into the heart of a story when they visit Founded in 2011, the “local-global collaborative magazine” and press provides up-and-coming writers and artists with a platform to experiment and collaborate. Uniquely, the premise for derives from my novel, All the Lonely Boys in New York. The speaking game, “Big Echo,” later called, “Monologue,” helps the veteran soldiers portrayed in the book employ free speech and to overcome PTSD-related inhibitions.

For aspiring authors, this is also an excellent writing prompt. By evoking “Monologue” and other interactive models for intensive, two-way, creative communication, seeks to build an international community of writers and artists and to provide a social context for their work. Few experiences are more valuable to a writer or artist than seeing their creations indulged and reimagined by a contemporary.

Collaboration enlarges the scope of the creative works on, establishing a borderless realm for artistic projects. In addition to great fiction and poetry features, the publication provides regular art-related reporting. However you’ve stumbled across, be it by print or by click, we hope that the collected media has enhanced your reading experience, inspiring you to connect.

Jeffrey F. Barken


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