SEARCH AND RESEARCH: WEARABLE TECH by Tuğba GÜNER - Illustrated by Common  product -
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Artwork: Common product

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Maria Ciminata- Liceo Scientifico Statale “Archimede”

Technology Group: during the research phase, the group gathered information about which sensors and appliances are best used to achieve the result we are looking for. These sensors have several features: detecting blood pressure, heartbeat, l skin hydration, and body temperature. In addition, through Bluetooth we should be able to connect the entire sensor system to an external electronic device; in such a way as to be able to visualise all the information even at a distance, for example during a game or a race. Instead, during the design/experiment phase, the group is deepening the research of the plant to be realised inside the shirt in collaboration with the materials and design group.


Design group: during the research phase, the group together with the marketing group gathered information about what the preferences of buyers were (athletes, sportsmen etc.). He also researched prototypes that could look like the final product. The design of the shirt is not only aesthetic, but also practical, because circuits and sensors will be placed inside prints, logos and drawings. So the design follows the technology and materials group step by step. Instead, during the design/experimentation phase, the group is trying to find a solution so that fabrics and designs can blend perfectly with the technological components.


Group of materials: during the research phase, the group inquired about what materials and fabrics might be most likely to be used, following different characteristics such as elasticity, perspiration… After doing several researches we finally found several materials that could be useful for the realisation of our project. Instead, during the design/experiment phase, he is testing the various fabrics found through the searches, hoping to find one suitable for all the parameters we need.


Marketing Group: in the first phase of the eTwinning ‘Search and Research Wearable Tech’ project, i.e. in the research phase, the group carried out market surveys, to understand at what age group, for what purpose and in what way, the shirt we are developing could be of interest. She also started asking various generic questions to professional athletes to begin to stamp out the technical and non-technical specifications of the product. In the second phase, however, that of design/experiment, the group is taking photo shoots, where models will wear a facsimile of the shirt, clearly from an aesthetic point of view, as similar as possible to the final product. Then, in the final phase, the group would like to create a commercial for the shirt, in which the final details will be written and that will eventually be provided by all the other groups. The spot is then intended for the promotion and sale of the t-shirt.


Website/app group: in the first phase of the eTwinning project “Search and Research Wearable Tech”, i.e. the phase dedicated to research, the group researched and studied the model of the most important sportswear sites, identifying and studying the elements that made them, deepening in particular the way in which the products were presented. During the experimentation phase the group studied the .html language for the creation of a site prototype. They focussed on the functionality of the site, learning the language better.


Tuğba GÜNER- Şarkikaraağaç Science High School

We organized an exhibition with in the scope of our. We had a speakers from each group in this exhibition. These sperakers briefly talked about their research.

WEB\APP GROUP: Talked about the websites we designed. Processing the data obtained from sensors, reflecting it on the app. Also organizing the website.

DESİNG GROUP: It is our research to desing our clothes in the most comfortable way for our athletes. We will use nanotechnology in our clothes and in this way, it is our goal to both get the best results and make our athletes comfortable.

MATERİAL GROUP: The materials to be Used in the Project are to do research on the quality of these materials. As a result of the research, sweat absorbent, flexible, air permable etc. We determined the most suitable fabrics to be wear.

TECHNOLOGY GROUP: Sensor, İoT, Bluetooth and working on the working principle of these devices, sensors are products of nanotechnology sensörs; pulse meter, measure the amount of oxygen in the blood, give a warning when body temperature and sweat increase, measure heart rhythm, raport heart disease. these devices are connected to each other via bluetooth. data will be displayed in the app to be made.

MARKETİNG GROUP: researches to Who, in which countries, how much this cloting is sold to. they make Them into graphics and market them.


Raziye Işık- İçel Anatolian High School 


Cemal Zengin-Tavşanlı 15 Temmuz Şehitler Science High School

žWearable technologies refer to technological devices that users can use as a garment, accessory or a similar tool that they can wear on their body.

ž virtual reality glasses

žsmart clothes

žsmart watches


žSmart watches have features such as showing and answering messages, making calls, listening to music.

žIt is a wrist watch and wearable computer integrated with a computer system. The smart watch is still known as the best of wearable technology productsa

it’s usually great fun for games and gamers

Some virtual reality glasses also have eye tracking sensors and game controllers.

žusers feel like they are there when they put on the glasses

žclothes; It can be redesigned to change the sky, block the sunlight, collect maintenance data, emit send and even display the custom message.

žSelf Cleaning Clothes

žCooling Fabrics

žEnergy Gathering Clothes



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