Jeff the Mis-fish – illustrated by Rotem Omri by Mel Rosenberg - מל רוזנברג - Illustrated by Rotem Omri -
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Jeff the Mis-fish – illustrated by Rotem Omri


Artwork: Rotem Omri

After fruitful careers as a scientist and inventor I've gone back to what I love most - writing children's books Read More
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Jeff was a curious fish. In geography class his teacher talked about Atlantis and other cities at the bottom of the ocean.

“What happens when the sea ends?” he wondered. “What are the huge blank white areas on the map?”  None of the other fish seemed to know or care.

אטלנטיס וערים נוספות ששוכנות בקרקעית האוקיינוס. איור רתם עמרי

His math teacher, Mr. Octopus, taught the class that 4+4=10.  Jeff wondered what the answer might be if Mr. Octopus had six appendages. None of the other fish seemed to know or care.

מר תמנון, אמנון וחבריו הדגים. איור רתם עמרי

One day Mr. Oyster, the school principal, called him to his shell.

“Jeff, I am sorry”, Mr. Oyster began, “but you just don’t fit in. Perhaps somewhere there is a school where everyone has goggles and likes to ask questions. But not here. Here you’re a mis-fish. Have a nice life.”

אדון צדף קרא לאמנון לכונכיה שלו. איור רתם עמרי

And so Jeff swam away to learn more about himself and the world. He swam to the bottom of the sea and discovered many peculiar things. “What were they for?” he wondered.

אמנון שחה לקרקעית האוקיינוס וגילה דברים רבים ומוזרים. איור רתם עמרי

Jeff swam to the very top of the sea to see his reflection. “Hey, I really am purple after all! And I do have goggles!!”

אמנון שחה אל פני הים לראות את בבואתו. איור רתם עמרי

One day when he was having a shower moment, Jeff was suddenly scooped out of the water.

באמצע המקלחת נחטף אמנון אל תוך אקווריום. איור רתם עמרי

He soon found himself in a fish tank, in a colorful office. His new friend was Jimmy the Whale.

During the daytime people would appear and talk a lot about the world of land. At night Jeff and Jimmy talked about how much they missed home.Would they ever escape?

They hatched a plan. 

בלילות היה אמנון חולק עם איתן את הגעגועים הביתה, וביחד היו חולמים להימלט. איור רתם עמרי

One day, Jimmy and Jeff were picked up by a giant truck. Travelling over the bay, it was time for their plan! Jimmy sang at the top of his lungs. Jeff sang at the top of his gills. The singing shattered the glass of the tank. They dove into the water below. They were free at last!!

מעוצמת שירתם התנפצו זכוכיות האקווריום, ושניהם צנחו היישר אל מי הנהר. איור רתם עמרי

Back home, everyone was glad to see them. The rock fish made a party in their honor.

Jeff and Jimmy opened a new school in which  it’s fine to be purple or orange, large or small, wear goggles or shades, or ask  questions! Lots of questions! 

Oh, and I almost forgot. Guess who isn’t the principal.


בבית כולם שמחו לבואם וערכו לכבודם קבלת פנים חגיגית. איור רתם עמרי

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