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Quizzes for Whizzes – Cover by Rotem Omri


Artwork: Cover by Rotem Omri

After fruitful careers as a scientist and inventor I've gone back to what I love most - writing children's books Read More
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Jack and Jill move to a new city, but still live in their very same bedroom. Can you explain?


What is the very longest day of the year?



Eugenia weighs 34 kilograms, but each Sunday afternoon she weighs much less. Can you explain?


Donna lost four kilograms after dieting for a month. Betty lost four kilograms from Sunday to Monday. Can you explain?


Why does Fred always need permission to leave his room?


An airplane always takes off and lands in exactly the same place. Please explain!


Jim is seated in the middle of a train. The cafeteria is at one end. How does he know which end the cafeteria is without getting out of his seat?


The Smith family is sitting in the car. They are making good progress on their trip. No one is driving the car, no one is touching the steering wheel, and the engine isn’t even on.  What is going on?


John is inside a door. Where is he?


Nobody is home, but Sarah can tell that someone was home a short time ago. How?


Adam walks down twenty stairs to get from the fourth floor to the third floor. Shirley walks up only one stair to get from the second floor to the third floor. Why?


Seth has an open bottle full of apple juice, yet he can’t drink a single drop. Why not?


When does water make the most noise?



Sandra has a cucumber and a peeler, but she can’t peel the cucumber. Why not?


What casts the largest shadow?


How can you see sunlight even at night?


Mary has red, green, yellow and blue colors on her hand. She didn’t color her hand, and she doesn’t have a tattoo.


Donna cut herself and bled. Richard cut himself and didn’t bleed. How come?


What animal never has to eat?


Tina and Saul were playing a game. Tina scored more points, but lost anyway. Why?


Celia put some water in the freezer at -5 degrees Celsius and it didn’t freeze. Why not?


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