The Time I Ran Away by Mel Rosenberg - מל רוזנברג -
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The Time I Ran Away

After fruitful careers as a scientist and inventor I've gone back to what I love most - writing children's books Read More
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It all started because of a silly argument about leaving my toys on the floor. Mom said something, I answered something, she said SOMETHING, and…


Before you could say “Galileo”,  I was out of the house, on the sidewalk, walking away from home as FAST as I could. “I will never come back”, I told myself.


I walked and walked towards the center of town. And on the way I wasn’t thinking about anything. I hadn’t paid any attention to where I was headed.


When I finally looked around, I was lost. The streets were strange. And empty. And the sun was beginning to set.


That’s when I started to worry. What if there were monsters in this part of town?


After all, everyone knows that monsters come out at night and kidnap children on empty dark streets. The poor kids never come back. I imagined creepy slimy monsters waiting for me behind every building.


And then I saw it. Not the whole monster, just the tip of its shadow. It was following me down the street. My knees began to shake. Then the rest of me.


I did what any frightened anybody would do. I started to walk faster. The monster walked faster.


I trotted. The monster trotted. I ran. The monster ran. The tip of its shadow grew longer and longer.


I could hear it breathing. Soon it would catch up with me and drag me off. I thought of my family. I was sorry for arguing with my Mom.


The shadow grew and grew. In a moment the monster would be upon me. I had no choice but to turn around and face it face-to-face.


Its giant paws were over me in a second, pushing me over as it stood on his hind legs. “Galileo”, I yelled. “Galileo”!


Soon, Galileo was joined by Dad, who was out of breath. “Son, we’ve been looking for you everywhere. Lucky Galileo was able to track you down.”


We walked home together in the dark. We were even more silent than the empty street. I showered. I told Mom I was sorry. I meant it.


Nowadays, I always pick up my toys. And even when I get angry, I never run away.


After all, who knows? Next time the monster might be for real.


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