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70s architecture – Magnificent design style through the ages


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70s architecture – Magnificent design style through the ages


With its particular style, 1970s architecture was one of the best periods of architecture. There were many masterpieces and brilliant architects born there. This article will tell you about the amazing 1970s architecture styles – a gorgeous style that you can’t take your eyes off

70s architecture’s definition

The special 70s architecture  was a popular architectural style from the 1950s through the 1970s. Brutalism is a term used to describe 1970s architecture.


A Swedish architect, Hans Asplund used the term “brutalist architectural style” to describe the Villa Goth in Uppsala, which he constructed in 1949. It is derived from the French term “béton brut” which means “ready mixed concrete,”.


Definition of 70s architecture


Brutalism- 1970s architecture emerged from Modernism. Brutalism grew dramatically in Great Britain when the economic crisis and terrible aftermath of World War II compelled the population to seek practical remedies, low-cost house design, and construction methods


Features of the 1970s architecture

There are elements of 1970s architecture. 

  • Architecture in the 1970s style frequently incorporates repeated parts of modules into a coherent whole. 
  • 70s architecture style is like a block composition built from a reduction factor in architectural design.

Characteristics of 70s architecture

  • Natural elements such as cement, glass, stone, steel, and metal were used for wonderful interior design and architectural highlights in 1970s architecture. Without the use of finishes or wallpaper, all materials are frequently maintained with identical color and surface texture. The presence of a concrete countertop is the most noticeable.
  • Many components of vertical curves or steep slopes may emerge Rustic forms, evocative of England’s 19th-century power structures with an exquisite, basic yet true design, totally include no camouflage or artificiality
  • The rural style neglects all decorative features, and elegant lines in all parts of the design, from wall ledges to cabinet handles and ceiling moldings… Even with ornamental lights, lighting is also simplified, but only what is truly required is kept. 
  • Deep neutral tones in 1970s architecture provide a sense of comfort and connection to the user.
  • Decorative features were hardly used in 1970s architecture. Every piece in the house must clearly demonstrate its functionality. 

Top 5 best constructions with 70s architecture style

Here are the Top 5 best 70s architecture buildings


NATIONAL LIBRARY OF THE ARGENTINE REPUBLIC- one of the top ten greatest 1970s buildings


The National Library “Mariano Moreno”- one of the top 5 greatest 1970s architecture- is Argentina’s largest library, built by Clorinda Testa in 1961.


The Mariano Moreno Library in Buenos Aires is named after Mariano Moreno, one of the May Revolution’s intellectuals and its first director. The Argentine Ministry of Culture manages the National Library.


TRIPLEONE SOMERSET – Commercial building with 70s architecture style


111 Somerset is a high-rise shopping mall and commercial building in Singapore’s Orchard district.

Until 1995, the building was known as the Public Utilities Council Building, and subsequently as the Singapore Electric Power Building until 2008, when it was purchased by YTL Corporation Pacific Star.



Boston City Hall was designed by Kallmann McKinnell & Knowles in 1968 as the city’s seat of administration. 

It houses the offices of Boston’s mayor and the Boston City Council. The new Town Hall was erected in 1968 to replace the former Town Hall.


PIRELLI BUILDING – the Armstrong Rubber Building 


The Pirelli Tire Structure, also known as the Armstrong Rubber Building, is a historic office building designed by Marcel Breuer and Robert F.Gatje in 1969 for the Long Wharf district of New Haven, Connecticut, United States. Designed The structure was designed by modernist architect Marcel Breuer and is a prominent example of Brutalism.


ROYAL NATIONAL THEATER – 70s theater architecture


Denys Lasdun’s Royal National Theater is probably Britain’s most admired Brutalist structure, because of its large public areas, deliberate focus, and respect for the surrounding environment.


Despite the criticism and the fact that it took thirteen years to complete, Prince Charles praised it as a “clever method to develop a nuclear power plant in the center of London without anyone complaining.”

4. Conclusion

Hope the above article has helped you better understand 70s architecture! Update more interesting knowledge about architecture as well as the rendering industry with K-Render!



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