Artwork from the book - Why I LOVE Yogurt – illustrated by Harriet Goitein by Mel Rosenberg - מל רוזנברג - Illustrated by Harriet Goitein -
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Why I LOVE Yogurt – illustrated by Harriet Goitein

by Mel Rosenberg - מל רוזנברג

Artwork: Harriet Goitein

In the middle of the night,

I awoke with quite a fright,

I heard someone talking to me,

Somewhere in the house.


illustrated by Harriet Goitein

“I’m not just someone, I’m Burt the mouse”, he said.

I went back to bed,

And hoped it was a dream

Or just some thought

Running through my head.

But Burt talked and talked

Till my ears were sore.

Then he fell asleep

on my bedroom floor.

illustrated by Harriet Goitein

I was up right at dawn,

So sure he was gone,

But there he was, still snoring away.

He slept through the morning and

All through the day.

I went to the kitchen, ate a yogurt up

And placed Burt gently in the empty cup.


illustrated by Harriet Goitein

Then straight to my cupboard,

Quickly closing the door,

So no one could hear him talk or snore.


illustrated by Harriet Goitein

I didn’t say a word to Father or Mother,

Not even to my older brother.

Even a mouse

With talent and fame

Would not be welcome in our house.

illustrated by Harriet Goitein

The very next night I awoke with a scare,

I heard someone singing in the house, somewhere.

It was Burt’s sister, Frad, the singing mouse.

Frad sang and sang

Till both my ears rang,

And when she couldn’t sing any more

She fell asleep on my bedroom floor.


illustrated by Harriet Goitein

I ate another yogurt up,

And placed her in the empty cup,

Right next to Burt.


So she wouldn’t get hurt.


illustrated by Harriet Goitein

The next night there were five or more,

All prancing round my bedroom floor,

Acrobats or dancers, I can’t recall

(It was nighttime and they were small).

They pirhouetted and pas de chat’ed

I ate the last yogurts that we had.

And put them next to Burt and Frad.


illustrated by Harriet Goitein

Mom bought more yogurts

At the store,

I ate them all up

I needed each cup!

illustrated by Harriet Goitein

Each night more mice arrive to stay,

I’m eating yogurts every day!

My Mother’s very proud of me,

I’m fit and healthy as can be –

My teeth are white,

My muscles strong,

But I wish they’d go back to where they belong!


illustrated by Harriet Goitein


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